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Advantages Of Owning A Car

Owning a car definitely gives you a lot of convenience, especially when public transport are limited. Not everyone has the same reason to buy car.

Here are advantages of owning a car for you to ponder, if buying a car is part of your plan.


Having your own car is undoubtedly the most convenient thing. Especially when buying groceries. You will have no trouble looking for food. Chances of having activities with friends will increase.


No more carrying heavy bags of foods. Imagine carrying a 10kg back of rice. I’ve done that before. It’s not fun. Beers are heavy too.

Get food easily

Able to reach farther suburbs to explore “hidden” restaurants. Some good restaurants are hard to reach by public transport. Especially late evening.


It is unlikely to go travel by public transport, unless you purposely wanted to do so (travel across Australia with train). For example, if you plan to go fishing at Sunshine Coast, how do you bring your fishing equipments? Rent car can be an option, but it’s not a long term solution.

Sight seeing

Many best sight seeing spots at Brisbane are not reachable by public transport. I like to drive around suburbs and get lost. Take the moment to enjoy the scenery, buildings architecture and surroundings. Absorb the culture and achieve zen.


You won’t know that place exist unless you personally explore it.

Friend circle widen

You get more chances to meet with new friends and have longer time to communicate with them. You don’t need to rush for public transport.

Move house

Having a car definitely helps moving house a lot simpler. Put everything into boxes and load into car. Unless you have big items such as mattress or cupboard. That can be troublesome.

Saves time

Taking public transport potentially wastes a lot of time. Especially when the frequent of the public transport is low. Further suburbs tend to have lower frequencies, example, one bus per hour. You can save many hours in traveling if you own a car.

Live further = cheaper rent

Closer to city; higher the cost of rent. Further suburbs tends of be cheaper in rent. The offset will be the lack of frequent public transport. If you have a car, chances are you can stay further from city and save the cost of rental.

Strangers become your best friend when they need you

I am not sure is this a advantage or disadvantage. Random old friends from you contact list will suddenly approach you. Then they’ll need your car and you gladly provided help. Example, move out or travel. When you have done your job, they disappear from your contact list again. You will get a free meal if you are lucky. Which is not so bad I guess.

Part time job

One contributor of Brisbane Student Guide – Queenie, had this excellent idea airport service. She is picking up and sending students to airport during summer break.

Dominos, Pizzahut and Eagleboys pizza are always hiring for drivers. If you can’t find any job – go send pizza.

Having a car can let you do many private services easier. Example, give private tuitions or door-step hair cut service. Unlimited money making potential.

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