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I WANT THAT FLIGHT | Flight Reservation, How-To and Experience Guide for Australian.

Planning to take a short break or a weekend gateway? Here is a basic guide for flying inner states within Australia.

Look up Australia map and choose the destination that you want to go. Once decide, go to I Want That Flight.com.au to book your air ticket. In Australia, there are more than three low cost airlines. I highly recommend I Want That Flight website to make airline reservations because it is user friendly and updated daily. All the flights are shown in single page for ease of browsing. The best part is, you can compare prices among the airlines in one page.

Which Airlines to travel?

Jet Star airlines (http://www.jetstar.com.au)
Click here

Qantas airlines(http://www.qantas.com.au)
Click here

Virginblue airlines (http://www.virginblue.com.au)
Click here

How does it work?

Select your original and destination, and then choose the date you plan to go and return from. It takes less than a minute to go to another page. You can view the list of the airlines and it highlights the cheapest flight for you on the date you chosen. You can change to the date anytime if you think there is a cheapest flight available on other day.

Once you have selected the date to go and return form, the website will directly link you to the airline website you are going to travel with. You can’t purchase any tickets from I Want That Flight but you can view it. I Want That Flight works as a portal for one stop place to gather and compare airline prices.

My experiences

I had experience flight with all three airlines (limited within Australian domestic flights only). I will share my own experience and give honest review:

Jet Star – Jet Star always promote the cheapest flight among the three but the seating is not as comfortable as Qantas. If you plan to go to Melbourne with Jet star, please remember that Jet Star departure at the further airport which is Avalon Airport. I only flight with them once therefore I have a vague memory with Jet Star.

Qantas – Qantas has the most comfortable seating and food provided as well. Obviously, the price is expensive with these services. Maybe you think they are giving not-so-nice food, you are wrong! They do have nice food and you can read newspapers on the place. Basically, their service is same as international flight.

Virginblue – Virginblue’s price is almost same as Qantas but the service is not exactly the same on what you pay for. There will be no food provided but you can purchase aus9.90 for a two hour movie from foxtel. If you are Malaysia Enrich Member, you can put it your membership number when you do online purchase. Yea, it’s kind of bored on the plane with Virginblue. No newspapers, No foods. What you need to do is just sleep!

More information

Also, the website provide you to check up 10 weeks of flight in advance for a weekend trip and travel with flexible date you want when the flight is cheapest. Check it regularly on the website because the flight fare is like a share market. The price can be quite fluctuating depending on the amount of the passengers on a plane.

Why are you waiting for?

Plan your trip as early as possible to buy a cheap flight! You might receive a cheap flight to Melbourne as low as AUD$28 one way from I Want That Flight. That’s really insane!

Post written by KawaiiKawabe


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